I am the spouse of an Episcopal priest and a life long Episcopalian. I have visited many churches and one of the corner stones of the episcopal service is the reading of scripture. Not everyone, including myself, has the ability to read scripture in the manner of someone like Jame Earl Jones of Star Wars fame. Did you know that he has recorded the entire King James Bible?

I find the quality of the readings helps me enjoy the service and hear the word of God speaking to me. I have volunteered as a lector for many years and have received complements on my ability to clearly and coherently read the scripture. For that reason I put this site together for others who may want to listen to each weeks readings.

I include at the end of each set of readings information about a saint that is being celebrated in the coming week. Hopefully you will notice that most are not “super hero’s” but as the last stanza of the hymn “I sing a song of the Saints of God” says “for the saints of God are just folk like me, and I mean to be one too.” So go forward and work on your sainthood in what ever part of the world you are in.

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